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Soil Stabilization: For past decades, various methods have been used to fix the foundation issues. But Understanding the reasons for foundation repairs is the first step in deciding which method to be followed and that is best for your building. It is very crucial for the building owners to not only understand the reason behind foundation repairs but also the limitations of said repairs. As a building owner you must know whom to contact for these repairs. There are different solutions and various methods that must be waded through before making the correct decision for your occupants in the building.

To maintain the structure of a building one must extend the current foundation into soil strata or layer that is deeper and more stable than the current soil that the foundation is resting upon. It can be accomplished by various methods like providing additional support from the current footing or anchors. Methods of foundation repair include plate anchors, helical anchors or drilled concrete piles. This type of methods can be done by structural engineers who offer structural solutions and foundation repair contractors. A structural engineer is responsible to evaluate the structure in question and then provide a proposal for their design to fix the foundation issues.

After the repair plan proposal a structural engineer will recommend a repair contractor to carry out his proposed plan for repair and then sign off this plan upon the completion of fixing your foundation problem. It is always legally not necessary for an engineer to be involved in foundation repairs but is will be effective if you utilize them to fix foundation issues. Inadequate soil conditions are caused by several factors. Soil should be stabilized in order to avoid settlement of concrete walls. There are buildings that go off due to expansive of soils that shrink, swell due to rainfall and due to moisture level changes.

Trifusion crew and structural engineers will wipe all your foundation damages. We have 30 plus years of experience in handling complex concrete issues. We are specialized in Concrete Lifting, Lifting Systems, Foundation Repairs and Soil Stabilization. At Trifusion, we have the eco-friendly products and relevant experience to repair your foundation once and for all. Foundation is repair and installation is our only business and we are licensed contractors specialize in foundation repair structural solutions.

Many building owners think that their foundation is beyond repair and it needs to be demolished and rebuilt. But this is almost never the case when you hire Trifusion Lifting Systems. That is why we are sailing successfully in this industry for more than 30 years. We handle small homes to multi billionaire hotel projects to benefit both residential and commercial industries in Oklahoma and throughout United Sates. You can stay inside the building, no things need to be cleared off from the building while repairing and it will be fixed on same day are some of the highlights of Trifusion. Call us to know more about us!

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